Aprantus 4, 1010 A.G.

Session #3 Notes

The following is according to White Crane:

After the speaking with Madame Duffington, a loud noise in the kitchen draws us in. We find a female halfling stealing black truffle custard that Cookie has been making. The halfling, Pixelator, we convince to join the group to at least pay back the cost of the food she ate.  Two other individuals enter the kitchen as well, one is a human fighter type named Rook, and a enormous woman named Argana, who have with some discussion choose to going with us in our venture into the basement at Madame Duffington.

We enter back into the common, where Dog Boy comes down and lets us know that the human man who has been biting his fingernails is now awake and is talking. We get a larger room to accommodate all eleven of the group.  The night passes without effect. In the morning, I check to see if The Toothless Tiefling has entered into the city.

On the way to the manor house we pick up an older man who is selling rags; he uninvited follows us. At the manor house we meet up with a dwarven bard of some kind, who I purchase a poem from for 1 gp, as he knows The Toothless Tiefling.  Once we enter the manor house, we enter the drawing room where we have been given the details of what we are after, a book with a purple bookmark. She also, informs us about a saying that her husband say, never leave a stone un-turned.  At that second The Toothless Tiefling knocks on the door. We speak with her and arrange for her to meet us at The Copper Codpiece later that night.

When we enter into the basement, we find several rat-like creatures and a black pudding and defeat them.  As we explore further we find an Iron Defender and we are forced to dispatch it. It was guarding a weird glass coffin full of a Liquid and a Human form; it is named "Nostone." As we entered into the next room, I found a tome on the desk, believing the tome to be what we are looking for, so I take it. Trying to leave the room, I am hit with an attack that dazes me and darkness engulfs me.




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