Aprantus 6, 1010 A.G.

Campaign Day 6

You leave Braemore and make your way to the docks on the Chiltern River. As you approach the ferry landing, you are approached by a tiefling girl who you recognize from Silverdale as the girl who, along with a half-orc boy, was taunting the two halfling children, Beka and Boko Bilkins. She introduces herself as Serenity and tells you that her half-orc friend, Vortog, is still angry with you for killing his father and uncle. Serenity says she was sent by the people of Silverdale to inform you about a “slimy, stinky monster” that is attacking the hamlet, stealing baby animals, and hiding in a nearby cave. Serenity expects you to give her ten gold pieces for delivering the message to you. You give her two gold pieces. You realize that the stinky monster she is referring to must be the troglodyte creature that was present with you on the hobgoblin slave wagon before the wagon was attacked by wyverns.

Five characters (Argana, Heron, Ruby Blue, Valtier, and White Crane) accompany the tielfing girl back to Silverdale, while the rest of you (Agapanthus, Balasar, Hypatia, Pixelator, Rook, and the two hobgoblins) make arrangements with Gabbie the Raftsman to take you down-river to Ardmore. On the way to Ardmore, a raft ahead of yours is stuck on the river. Gabbie tethers your raft to a tree and paddles ahead to the other raft in a dinghy to help them out. It turns out that your raft is tethered directly under a hawk nest, and you are viciously attacked by three blood hawks but you kill them.

Gabbie returns to your raft and asks you to help him get the other raft unstuck. You succeed in heaving the other raft off the sandbar and freeing it.

The rest of the river journey to Ardmore is uneventful. You arrive in Ardmore as the sun is setting, pay Gabbie his fee, and settle into your rooms at Muck’s Pub for the evening.



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