A New Point of Light

Traveling through the Underdark, you arrive safely at Forgehome. Balasar is already living in Forgehome when you arrive. Balasar tells you that he left the adventure party because he had discovered that his destiny was to act as the guardian of the Platinum Egg until it hatches.

In time, the egg hatches and the Platinum Dragon, Sariant, Exarch of Bahumut, is born! Dog Boy and Sariant grow up together in Forgehome, with Prince Graid raising his long-lost son while Balasar continues on in his role as guardian of the Platinum Dragon wyrmling.

The presence of Prince Galerant and Sariant in Forgehome creates a new Point of Light in a world quickly being swallowed up by Darkness. Though it lies many years in the future, one day Prince Galerant and Sariant will be ready to accept the torch that you pass to them. Prince Galerant will rule the Lighted Realms with chivalry and justice while Sariant defends their borders with courage and power.

Meanwhile, if and when that day arrives depends on you, dear Adventurers, and what you achieve during the remainder of your adventuring careers. For there remain many foes to be fought and adventures to be sought by you — the followers of Avandra‚Äôs Paths of Power, the keepers of the Light, The Company of the Black Wagon, the Torchbearers!

End of Campaign


Hey look at that, Balasar came back! Thanks Duane, that really made my day. Cheers on a well-run campaign.


You’re welcome, Tim! Balasar certainly earned his place in the story’s outcome!


I had a great time in the campaign, saddened to see it end, but thankful that I was able to be part of it all too.


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