Junantus 12, 1010 A.G.

Campaign Day 72

The Halfling raftsman Luko appears at your door, accompanied by Gabbie, who says, “Go ahead now, Luko, tell these nice people the same story you just told to me.” Luko tells you that his Halfling kin, who make their living as fishermen along the southern border of Ardwen in the region known as Grey Marsh, have gone missing in recent days, and whole families have disappeared from their houseboats. Luko has come to the characters hoping to find someone brave enough to mount a rescue or deliver vengeance if any ill has befallen his missing kin. There have also been sightings by the Ward Guards in the south quadrant of a dark flying beast which occasionally emerges from the swamp. Luko appeals to your party for urgent help to investigate the disappearances and to rescue his fellow tribesmen if possible. Working together, Gabbie and Luko will take you by raft to Grey Marsh safely and speedily, but the rest is up to you. With Ki’mat, Rook, and Wolvar away at an annual sporting festival in Overton, it falls upon Agapanthus, Hypatia, and Krum to take on this challenge as a trio.

Gabbie and Luko bring you downriver past River’s End and into the Grey Marsh. Luko introduces you to a young Halfling named Toes, who believes that a tribe of Lizardfolk known as the Snake Eaters have been capturing Halflings and taking them to a sunken tower that sits on Ardwen’s southern border. Following Toes on a long and arduous walk through the bogs and swamps of the Grey Marsh, you arrive at the sunken tower. There you defeat numerous Lizardfolk, including an albino Greenscale Marsh Mystic named Ssluryth. Also among your foes is a young black dragon, Sarkis, who manages to evade your killing blow by diving into a water-filled network of underground tunnels, escaping with her life. You free numerous Halfings and return to Ardmore with the young black dragon’s treasure hoard neatly stuffed in your backpacks.



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