Junantus 17, 1010 A.G.

Campaign Day 77

Dog Boy tells you that Lady Ryselka had been acting more and more strange since she started to read her mother’s (Queen Valorianta’s) diary. She claims that The Tomes of Power should be controlled by the Eladrin of Galiencedor. She tried to convince Cookie to send Dog Boy with her to Galiencedor and turn the Tomes over to the Eladrin. She persisted in trying to persuade Cookie to her point of view, knowing that he might in turn help persuade Hypatia to approve her plan. Cookie refused to cooperate, saying that Hypatia knows best about the Tomes and doesn’t need any persuading from a humble Hobgoblin cook. As Lady Ryselka became more insistent, Cookie stubbornly continued to disagree with her. Then she became belligerent and insulting toward Cookie and Dog Boy, saying that she could never understand how her half-brother, Prince Graid, could have so disgraced the Royal Family by mating with a savage, uncouth Hobgoblin woman. Enraged at the insult to his daughter, Cookie came at Lady Ryselka with a butcher knife and sliced off the tip of her little finger. Lady Ryselka ordered the Centaurs to behead Cookie and imprison Dog Boy. Using his teleport ability to evade capture and escape from the Castle, Dog Boy ran to the Temple of Ioun for sanctuary.

Felgrim Cornerstone tells of turmoil among The King’s Council. The six members are split along three factions:

Chancellor Whitemoat and Ward Marshall Vortina (South Quadrant) want to bring the Tomes to Cantalore and turn them over to Cantarell the Dragon King. They believe that Cantarell is the only being powerful enough to protect them and to see that they used effectively.

Lady Ryselka and Ward Marshall Warwick (West Quadrant) want to bring the Tomes to Galiencedor where they think the Eladrin will use them more effectively than anyone in Ardwen or elsewhere is capable of doing.

Ward Marshall Huxor (North Quadrant) and Ward Marshall Arbrand (East Quadrant) believe the Tomes are the rightful property of the people of Ardwen and ideally they should remain in the Temple of Ioun under Hypatia’s care. However, because of the number of imminent threats to the Tomes’ safety and security, they believe the Tomes should be relocated to a hidden sanctuary until the internal strife in Ardwen has abated. Huxor and Arbrand have a plan that they explained to Felgrim and asked him to convey to Hypatia. Felgrim was on his way to the Temple of Ioun to brief Hypatia on the political intrigue and to reveal Huxor and Arbrand’s plan to her. The centaurs arrived at the Temple just after Felgrim got there. They were trying to confiscate the Tomes but Dog Boy, who had run to the Temple for safety from Lady Ryselka, had already retrieved them. They asked Felgrim questions. Refusing to cooperate, the Centaurs beat up Felgrim and left him for dead. Dog Boy found the black pyramid. Having heard the story of the Black Pyramid from Ryselka, he knew its powers. He rubbed Felgrim’s hands on it to send him to safety, and then did the same, bringing the Tomes along with him to the Pyramid of Shadows. When he appeared in the charnal pit with zombies grasping at him, he screamed, but teleported out of the pit then tried to haul Felgrim out by tying a rope to him. That’s when the adventure party arrived.

Felgrim’s Plan

There is a place known to the Dwarves, a place I visited when I was a young dwarf and had always desired to return to before I die. It is a small underground city in the shallows of the Underdark; the dwarven mining colony of Forgehome! No one will suspect that the Tomes have been moved there. I will lead the party there. There are two other things I want to accomplish that are part of the plan. I have the tools and the engineering skill needed to accomplish them, but I need your help. The first of the two tasks can be accomplished very quickly if we leave the pyramid and return to the Teleportation Circle under Castle Ardwen. For the next two tasks, we must descend into The Mines of Kog and find a passage into the Underdark below the mines. Having completed these tasks, we will push onward to Forgehome, which will become our new home base.

Ardwen will not be safe for many years to come. The Wards are on the verge of collapse. It was a bad idea to tinker with them, but The King’s Council forced the Dwarven Engineers, over Ward Marshall Arbrand’s objections, to try to enhance them with the ability to suck the residuum out of magic items. This worked temporarily, but as the Dwarves had warned, it only heightened their instability and hastened their demise. It won’t be long before The Wards of Ardwen turn to pillars of sand and crumble in the wind.

Ki’mat casts Linked Portal and you arrive at the Teleportation Circle under Castle Ardwen. You battle centaurs and Lady Ryselka, who is slain by Agapanthus.

Adugrain’s Tale

Adugrain informs you that his time is running short. His purpose has become clear to him. He needs one more magic item, an artifact, and he will be able to accomplish his purpose. Adugrain mentions that his name is an anagram of his true name. He will grant a Divine Boon (Bahamut’s Protective Ward, Level 13) to the first of you to discover his true name. Ki’mat solves the puzzle, discovering the true name of Adugrain to be Guardian, and is granted the boon as promised.

Adugrain demands to be taken to the Oracle of the Gate. She must take him to a Dunn Grove to perform a ritual. Then Adugrain’s mission will be complete and he will wither and pass from this world.

You escape from Castle Ardwen with some difficulty, with Ki’mat breaking his leg while climbing out of the Adrmore city sewers. Eventually you leave Ardmore and travel west to The old King’s Gate just outside The Chaos Scar. Adugrain thanks the party for providing him with the magic energy needed to deliver Bahumut’s gift to Arantus. If there is any magic left over, as his dying act he will grant additional boons the party. He cannot say how much magic will be left over for this purpose.

The Oracle brings Adugrain to the Dunn Grove. He ejects the Platinum Egg that he has been guarding throughout his life and then dies with the words, I give you Sariant, Exarch of Bahamut!



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