Junantus 4-7, 1010 A.G.

Campaign Days 64-67

For several more days you attempt to complete Avandra’s Challenge of Adventuring Knowledge, finally succeeding. The voice of Aasterinian congratulates you and grants you permission to pass through the blue-stone archway. You proceed down the broad stairs leading to the chamber doors. A face of Avandra appears in the lintel above the massive double doors and tells you that before entering you must solve The Puzzle of the Seventeen Stones.

Hethica offers to loan you a Stone of Avandra which she says, according to Glyph, will allow you to solve the puzzle. Cookie tells you not to accept anything from Hethica, saying that she is attempting to deceive you. He, too, offers you a Stone of Avandra, which he claims Prince Graid instructed him to keep safe until it could be handed to the Revelator of Ardwen in her moment of crisis.

Hethica fires back, alleging that Cookie is actually a demon who can’t be trusted. After a long stand-off, Hypatia points the hand of Nostone at both the Hobgoblin and the Gnome, asking the hand to tell her which of the two can be trusted. The hand oscillates from one creature to the other, finally settling on Cookie. Using the Stone of Avandra offered by Cookie, you solve the puzzle and the chamber doors slide open. Hethica screams out, “Dark Angel of the Four Winds, aid me!”

Hethica’s appeal to her Demon Lord does not go unnoticed. A misty image of the great winged fiend Pazuzu appears on the ceiling above. Pazuzu tells his demon underling that she has served him well, despite her failing to corrupt Hypatia. Pazuzu grants Hethica a boon of allies to assist her in the imminent battle, upon which three surprised Mungo appear overhead. After Hethica appeals for further aid from Pazuzu, White Crane and Ruby Blue join the battle, with White Crane wielding the Chaos Shard. With the battle clearly turning against her, the demon Hethica sprouts a pair of bloodied wings and attempts to escape but is slain. White Crane, and Ruby Blue are also killed, while the three Mungo, though wounded, manage to fly off to safety. Before her death, White Crane uses the Chaos Shard to afflict Krum with a nose made of gold.

Hypatia enters the Chamber of Tomes. She casts Make Whole on the three original volumes of The Tomes of Power, which were in a very fragile condition after centuries in the musty chamber. A fourth tome, entitled The Adventurers Vault of Alchemical Formulas and One Ritual, is found on the floor. Fearing that it may corrupt her, Hypatia decides to leave it behind, exiting the chamber with only The Tomes of Power in her arms. As she leaves the chamber, the image of Pazuzu appears before her again, this time offering a complete set of all known rituals in existence to her in exchange for pledging her soul to him. Hypatia ignores Pazuzu’s temptation and walks out of the chamber.

You rest the night uneventfully in the corridors outside the Chamber of Tomes.



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