Junantus 8, 1010 A.G

Campaign Day 68

Making your way out of Avandra’s Sunken Temple, you are attacked by the corrupted Angler fish while crossing the wooden bridge on the way out of the temple. With Agapanthus using Spot the Path, you manage to traverse the rickety bridge without incident.

Your efforts to leave the temple are thwarted by a group of dwarf and human bandits who destroy the ladders and brick-up the exit. They place a note in a bucket on the ground demanding 10 gemstones or 1000 GP or any combination thereof that they judge acceptable. The notes says that the PCs can comply by placing the loot in the bucket and tugging on the rope three times. If the bandits don’t like the treasure, they will seal the exit 100%. If they are satisfied with it, they will unblock the exit just wide enough for the PCs to squeeze through one at a time. You successfully break through the brick blockage and chase off the bandits.

The female Dragonborn, Surina, tells you that she has a small gig that could prove quite lucrative for both her and you. There’s a small clan of Shifters who claim that they’ve discovered a rich vein of Fireheart Moss. The problem is, it’s buried under an old pile of dragon bones that are blocking a shaft that leads to the moss. The Shifters hold strong superstitions about the dragon bones and won’t go near them. The Shifters will pay you 82 gp, 44 sp, and 210 cp to clear the bones out of the shaft (it’s all their clan could raise). Surina asks for a 10% commission as a finder’s fee, but she will gladly round down to 8 gp.

You accept the job and are led to the dragon bone pit. As you approach the bones at the base of the pit, they assemble themselves into a massive Bone Mongrel Dracolich. You make short work of the Dracolich and collect your fee from the Shifters, who are duly impressed by your demonstration of prowess.

Returning to River’s End, you rest the night uneventfully at the Bogger’s Bend tavern.



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