Junantus 9, 1010 A.G.

Campaign Day 69

In the morning, Hypatia appeases The Creature of the Cone by feeding it another magic item.

Although Gabbie is not present in River’s End today, you find another raftsman, a Halfling named Luko, to bring you safely upriver and back to Ardmore. You bring along six children from the Shifter tribe who, as you promised the Shifters, are to be enrolled for adventure training at the school in Ardmore.

Arriving at Castle Ardmore, you drop off the Shifter children at the school of adventuring. Next you make a full report to Lady Ryselka and the rest of The King’s Council who are pleased and relieved with the outcome of your efforts to rescue The Tomes of Power and thwart the Demon of Betrayal in her efforts to bring an age of Darkness and Evil to the Warded Realm of Ardwen. Chancellor Whitemoat, however, cautions his fellow council members to keep ever vigilant, since it is now recognized that Ardwen has made a powerful enemy in Pazuzu, who may not yet be done with his plots and machinations to one day oversee the kingdom’s downfall.

Lady Ryselka commends Cookie for his assistance to the kingdom over many long years. His patience and quiet determination in protecting the safety of The Stone of Avandra, the secret of The Puzzle of the Seventeen Stones, and the accompanying knowledge about the corrupting influence of the demon Hethica, all of which was entrusted to him years earlier by Prince Graid, are to be heralded in Ardwenian song and legend for many an age. Lady Ryselka entices Cookie to retire from Adventuring by offering him a position as Head Cook at Castle Ardmore. Cookie gladly accepts the offer on the condition that his grandson, Dog Boy, now to be addressed by his proper title as Prince Galerant, should also be allowed to dwell at the castle with him. Lady Ryselka exclaims that she would have it no other way, adding that she will be overjoyed to participate in the care and tutelage of her beloved nephew, the young prince.

With heavy hearts, Cookie and Prince Galerant depart from The Company of the Black Wagon, telling you that it has been an honor to serve as your torchbearers. They ask that you visit Castle Ardmore often to regale them with fresh tales of new adventures, sparing no detail in the telling. Cookie also requests that if you can find the courage in your hearts to do so, that you one day soon set out for the Trollhaunt Warrens, at the eastern edge of Trollgard, to attempt a rescue of his daughter, Yaeva, mother of Prince Galerant, who is thought to be held in that forlorn place as a slave of the wicked Mind Flayer, Blackmourn. Cookie believes that you have now advanced to the point where you could take on such a challenge with a nearly even chance of success.



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