Elven Ranger & Shinaelestran Guardian


I was born 60 years ago in Blythewood, the northern wilderness, in a land of stately forests of oaks, maples and evergreens. I am 3/4 Wild Elf and 1/4 Eladrin. My mother (Dianthus) is half-Eladrin who is a renowned Floral Designer. She has a half-sister who is full Eladrin. Yes, my family tree is complicated!! My father (Amaranth) is a Wild Elf who runs his own Organic Herb Farm. With both a full-blooded Eladrin maternal grandmother and one aunt, I have several Eladrin cousins and of course lots of Wild Elf cousins.

In my earlier, formative years, I studied my father’s skills in the natural world, learning the practical arts of herb gathering and growing, organic vegetable gardening, and identifying the many uses flowers, fruits and trees. I am trained in the arts of archery, small hand-held weapons and, like my mother, floral design. I have also studied topography and geology and have spent several years broadening my knowledge of various ecological habitats. In addition, I have had the privilege of studying at the Shinaelestra, the Eladrin City of Rangers. I have only met Lord Calenon once but felt a connection there. My Eladrin grandmother denies any relationship to the Lord, but somehow I don’t think she is telling me the truth???

For some years I wandered the high desert in the southwest territory, learning to conserve our precious natural resources of water and clean air. I studied the ways of the native peoples of that land including the use of native vegetation, rocks and other natural materials to create a sustainable environment that respects Nature.

Returning to the northern wilderness, I have ranged over the green hills and valleys, always seeking out and identifying useful natural materials. But a part of my soul yearns to be with my brothers and sisters who reside in the dry, arid and warm clime of the southwest territory. Someday soon I hope to return to that realm!

As I have recently ascended to become a Shinaelestran Guardian, I feel it is time to reveal that my beloved husband, who is off adventuring in his own campaign, is Sprig, a half-elf/half-human warrior.


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