Hypatia of Ardwen

Deva Invoker, Wrathful Build


Hypatia is a deva invoker who lives in Admore, in the Kingdom of Ardwen. King Gwenyk
often sent for Hypatia when his historians could not agree and her memory of
past lives shed the historical truth. With the king in his recent melancholy
state, he has no interest in history, and Hypatia has not been needed by him
in a long time

Believing that her existence is to attain knowledge of the world around her
and without a King to serve, she has decided to take up with an unlikely band
of adventurers, the Torchbearers, in the hope that she will live up to her

Hypatia is a follower of Ioun because she admires her commandments to seek the perfection of mind by balance and of the accumulation of knowledge. Hypatia believes that she is an earthly manifestation of Ioun bound to utilize the divine power that is granted upon her with great care and in pursuit of eliminating evil.

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Hypatia of Ardwen

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