Prescient Bard


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Khashana (Alashana), level 4

Kalashtar, Bard

Build: Prescient Bard

Bardic Virtue: Virtue of Prescience

Kalashtar: Thievery Bonus

Background: Thoughtsinger, Seer (learn Quori)


Str 9, Con 11, Dex 13, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 19.


Str 9, Con 11, Dex 13, Int 10, Wis 17, Cha 20.

AC: 19 Fort: 12 Reflex: 14 Will: 18

HP: 38 Surges: 7 Surge Value: 9

TRAINED SKILLS Arcana +7, Diplomacy +12, Perception +10, Bluff +12, Insight +12, Thievery +10

UNTRAINED SKILLS Acrobatics +4, Athletics +2, Dungeoneering +6, Endurance +3, Heal +6, History +3, Intimidate +8, Nature +6, Religion +3, Stealth +4, Streetwise +8


Bard: Ritual Caster

Level 1: Empathetic Sensitivity

Level 2: Pact Initiate

Level 4: Versatile Expertise


Bard at-will 1: Jinx Shot

Bard at-will 1: Guiding Strike

Bard encounter 1: Prophesied Strike

Bard daily 1: Arrow of Warning

Bard utility 2: Clockwork of Precision (retrained to Canon of Avoidance at level 4)

Bard encounter 3: Rhyme of the Blood-Seeking Blade


Ritual Book, Arrows (40), Shortsword, Lute, Longbow, Backpack (empty), Bedroll, Flint and Steel, Rations, Trail (10), Waterskin, Sunrod (2), Eladrin Chainmail +1, Thieves’ Tools, Slow-Step Oil (level 3)


Comprehend Language, Glib Limerick



Khashana grew up with her family in a small kalashtar monastic community in the mountains of Adar, Sarlona, in the world of Eberron. Khashana possessed neither the mental acuteness nor the physical prowess necessary to join the ranks of the Kalashtar monks and psychic warriors; normally, this would have made it difficult for her to gain any type of standing withing the community. However, Khashana does have a few rare talents that set her apart from other Kalashtar. One talent is her ability as a seer. Her gift allows her to occasionally see visions of the future, and while these visions don’t occur often, they have never been wrong. Khashana’s grandmother, Shoshana, also had that gift, and so she began training Khashana as a prescient bard. As a bard, Khashana could combine magic and music with her skill in archery rather than relying solely on the powers of her mind, and in this she excelled.

Khashana’s other talent is empathy, but she views that as both a blessing and a curse. Being able to sense the emotions of others at will allows her to excel in diplomatic situations and to penetrate lies, but it also comes with a price. Like all Kalashtar, Khashana experiences moments of madness, and in her case, it’s as if she feels the emotions of others bombarding her all at once, and is completely incapacitated until the madness passes.

Like all kalashtar, Khashana and her community were hunted by agents of the Dreaming Dark, who kill every kalashtar they can find. Many kalashtar believe that just by surviving, they are helping to prevent the Dreaming Dark’s goals and bring about the turning of the age, but Khashana believes that more direct action needs to be taken out in the world. She believes that the kalashtar must not simply survive, but help others overcome the tyranny of the Inspired in order to bring the new age of il-Yannah to replace the current age of il-Lashtavar.

The people of her village lived under the near-constant siege of the Reidrans, who are willingly under the complete control of the Inspired and the Dreaming Dark. Eventually the Reidrans managed to infiltrate the village and struck from within. The kalashtar have sacrificed much for their safety measures, and so this task can only be accomplished in one way – internal sabotage. The community was taken by surprise, and many warriors were killed. In desperation, the kalashtar sorcerers created a portal, but they had no way of knowing how the fierce Adaarian reality storms that night might affect it. However, all of the kalashtar preferred to face an unknown fate than fall into the hands of the Dreaming Dark, so they took their chances and jumped through, one by one. Khashana ended up alone in a strange world called Arantus.

Mannerisms and Appearance

Khashana has short red hair and bright green eyes. Where most Kalashtar are serene and contemplative, Khashana is outgoing and very sociable. Khashana will usually try to pass herself off as a human.

Khashana is very loyal to her adventuring party. For Kalashtar, community is paramount, and the needs of the community are placed above those of the individual or of families. For Khashana, her adventuring party has become her community, and so she will fight to protect them.

Khashana’s people have been fighting the growing influence of the Dreaming Dark for centuries, and now that she has been cut off from them, she feels as if she has lost her purpose. Throughout her entire life, Khashana has been fighting a war where the opposing side has more followers, more resources, and more time to prepare, and so she is drawn to the similar challenges the Torchbearers face.

Khashana, like all kalashtar, does not dream when she sleeps. However, dreams are necessary for a healthy psyche, and so she meditates every morning instead.

Because of her empathic ability, Khashana’s style of music is unique. She feels the emotion in music much more strongly than most, and she can convey that emotion to others when she plays. She is a skilled bard, with a captivating, melodic voice that is almost hypnotic. When she utilizes her telepathic abilities in conjunction with her empathy, she can evoke both feelings and images in others’ minds. Listening to Khashana’s music is like listening to Fantasia in surround sound.

Khashana is used to the magical amenities of Eberron supplied by the Dragonmarked Houses. She is now in a land with comparatively very little magic available to the common people, and she considers it to be a magically underdeveloped third world country.

Because she is from the magically developed world of Eberron, Khashana’s bardic instrument is an arcanic guitar, which has the appearance of an electric guitar and the versatility of an electric keyboard. It is powered by her arcane abilities, and she can switch the settings to produce the sounds of a wide variety of instruments.

Like all Kalashtar, Khashana she shares her body with a Quori refugee spirit who escaped from the realm of Dal Quor. The spirit that inhabits Khashana’s body is named Alashana. Khashana cannot communicate with Alashana directly, but Alashana can make herself felt in subtle ways – through emotions, memories, and occasionally stray thoughts.

Before the Kalashtar race were born, Alashana was a Thoughtsinger of the Usvapnas caste, or the Dream Masters caste. They were the assassins and spies for the Dreaming Dark, although Alashana’s skills fell primarily into the latter category. She specialized in undercover espionage among the Dreaming Dark’s greatest enemies, weaving dreams of persuasion and intrigue rather than control. Because these individuals were usually strong-willed people who were trained in mental combat techniques, Alashana had to manipulate them by using things in their surrounding environment rather than invading their minds directly.

However, there came a time when Alashana became disillusioned with her work. She found that the information she gathered on her own about certain situations didn’t always match up with what she was told, and all too frequently, she was sent to take down an “important enemy leader” who threatened the Quori’s very existence, only to find that the demise of this leader did nothing but further the Dreaming Dark’s control. This disillusionment reached its peak after Alashana had been sent to infiltrate the growing band of Taratai’s supporters and provide information on their plans and movements. Instead she found herself swayed by Taratai’s teachings. She confessed her position, and turned spy for them instead, passing false information to the Dreaming Dark and allowing the group enough time for Taratai’s plan to escape Dal Quor through dreamwalking to occur.

Now, Khashana is part of the line that came from this Quori spirit. Kalashtar of this line usually have a talent for subterfuge and prefer indirect methods and misdirection to a direct attack. All Kalashtar could be mistaken for being human, but all -shana Kalashtar are masters at blending into the crowd. They are also more comfortable using telepathy with non-Kalashtar than many of their race, and tend to have a less developed sense of morality in such situations. To the Kalashtar of Alashana’s line, it is far better to convince your enemy that he didn’t want to attack you in the first place instead of drawing attention to yourself with a brawl. Alashana’s skills are evident in Khashana’s proficiency with Bluff, Thievery, and her hypnotic voice, although Kalashtar of this line generally refuse to manipulate people to the degree that Alashana used to. Khashana’s method of evoking emotions with her music is evident in this, although she considers it a more honorable utilization of Alashana’s skills. Not every Kalashtar of this line are seers, but they do seem to have a genetic predisposition to that particular ability.


Khashana’s: Khashana’s overall goal is to help her people. However, this is such a broad goal that she doesn’t quite know how to accomplish it. For now, she wants to stay hidden. Anonymity and obscurity are her first defenses against the Dreaming Dark, and so she will try to maintain her human facade.

Mine: Caution is good, but I would like to see Khashana develop enough power and enough courage to stop running and face the agents of the Dreaming Dark. Her fears, though valid, may be keeping her from her destiny. I would also like to see her seer abilities develop to the point where they could be very helpful to her and her allies, if interpreted correctly.

Enemies’: Unbeknownst to Khashana, the agents of the Dreaming Dark are trying to reach her in particular, and their orders were to take her alive. Most likely, they want to exploit her ability to see the future, and are afraid that if they kill off the entire line and Alashana is reborn from the Dreaming Dark amongst the Quori once more, that her ability will disappear since it didn’t show up until after Alashana became a Kalashtar. Of Khashana’s female relatives, her grandmother, Shoshana, is the only other Kalashtar of the line that has the gift, but she was old and may not have survived the attack on the village.


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