Junantus 3, 1010 A.G
Campaign Day 63

Early in the morning, Hypatia feeds a magic Shield of Eyes to The Creature of the Cone.

You travel a few hundred yards down a path leading to the small peninsula where the Shademore Home for Children once stood. A stone wall has been built to wall off the area. Four guards stand at the gate to prevent anything from coming out of the walled off area. The guards reluctantly open the barred gate to let you pass through, then quickly slam the gate shut behind you. They warn that they will not attempt a rescue should you need help.

A ravenous pack of hounds runs at you and savagely attacks Hypatia before they are dispatched with.

You find a deep shaft under some loose floorboards in one of the ramshackle buildings that was once the site of the orphanage. Krum descends forty feet down a ladder on the side of the shaft, entering a long tunnel. Traveling down the tunnel, Krum sets off a flood trap and is doused in water and rubble, taking minor damage. Agapanthus disables a pressure plate trap, then proceeds further down the corridor and sets off a ceiling trap that drops dust and rubble on him.

You enter a room with a caved-in ceiling that appears to be a former shrine to Sehanine. You proceed further into the temple are are attacked by several human cultist archers. In a second ancient shrine, this one to Melora, Krum is knocked unconscious by a life-draining seaweed creature.

You proceed down a wide staircase to the lower level. A rickety wooden bridge crosses a water-filled trench. A shark-like angler fish nearly lures Wolvar into the water below using its psychic attack, while across the bridge, human cultist archers fire bolts from a mounted arbalest. They are joined by a mystic cultist and several fish-like people. You overcome the enemies.

Further down the corridor, a blue stone archway with the face of a blue dragon carved in bas relief animates as you approach. Speaking to Hypatia, the blue dragon carving introduces itself as the voice of Aasterinian, loyal servant of Avandra. The dragon tells the Deva that before she can proceed through the archway and then down the staircase leading to the Chamber of Tomes, she must first succeed at Avandra’s Challenge of Adventuring Knowledge.

Hypatia and the party fail to complete the challenge successfully. The voice of Aasterinian invites you to try again the next day. You spend the night resting in the corridor to prepare for a second attempt.

Junantus 2, 1010 A.G.
Campaign Day 62

You travel by raft downriver toward River’s End with Gabbie as your guide. Gabbie says, “You know what they say about River’s End, it’s where the river meets the riff-raff. All the refuse of Ardwen eventually finds its way down to River’s End, living or otherwise.”

On a small island in the Chiltern River, you see a crazed mage in tattered robes standing on a boulder doing a jig. Rook and Wolvar come down with a bad case of “bog vapors” and are incapacitated. Gabbie says he recognizes the crazed mage, calling him The Mad Wanderer. Six halfing prowlers and a pseudodragon surprise you, joining The Mad Wanderer in an attack. You slay the mage and one of the halflings, while the pseudodragon flies away. The halfling prowlers propose a truce, offering to capture the pseudodragon and turn it over to you as long as you stop fighting and resume your journey down the river. You agree to meet the halflings that evening at the Bogger’s Bend Tavern in River’s End.

Gabbie guides the raft to River’s End where you spend the evening at The Bogger’s Bend Tavern. A group of humans and dwarves engaged in a rowdy card game make nasty insults about you. A female Dragonborn named Surina invites you to her table and buys you a round of ales. She offers to sell you a map of the first level of The Sunken Temple of Avandra that she purchased from a group of adventurers who were leaving the temple. You pay her price of 25 GP for the map.

The halfling prowlers show up at the tavern carrying a bundle containing the pseudodragon, Thimble. They hand it off to you and Hypatia gives them a tip of 6 GP.

You rest the night uneventfully.

Mayantus 24 - Junantus 2, 1010 A.G.
Campaign Days 54-62

You go to Castle Ardwen and meet with Lady Ryselka. Ki’mat hands Lady Ryselka a letter in a golden envelope embossed with the seal of a dragon. Lady Ryselka reads the letter and then asks Hypatia if she’s ever heard of a Deva named Tryst. It seems that Tryst is a Deva from a Warded Realm called Cantalore, and she wishes to meet Hypatia in person to give her some important information.

You spend eight days awaiting Tryst’s arrival at Ardmore. Tryst arrives with a contingent of Dragonborn and Kobolds. You have a meeting with Tryst and The King’s Council at Castle Ardwen. Tryst informs you that she has discovered that the only way to avoid being corrupted by Evil while pursuing Avandra’s Paths of Power is to stop adventuring at Level Ten. Anyone who proceeds to their Paragon Path becomes corrupted by Evil. She strongly urges you to destroy Volumes Two and Three of the The Tomes of Power, which is what they did in Cantalore over two hundred years ago. To protect Cantalore from Evil, they invited the Ancient Gold Dragon, Cantarell, to be its sovereign ruler. Cantarell, in turn, would be happy to appoint one of his metallic dragon allies to be ruler of Ardwen.

The King’s Council tell Tryst that they will ponder her warning and consider Cantarell’s offer.

Mayantus 23, 1010 A.G.
Campaign Day 53

You travel by raft all day as Gabbie escorts you downriver to Ardmore. You travel to the school at the Temple of Ioun. Hethica seems upset that you have been away for so long. She thinks it’s important to travel to Avandra’s sunken temple to procure the The Tomes of Power very soon. You spend the night at the school.

Mayantus 22, 1010 A.G.
Campaign Day 52

You travel east to Braemore, crossing the Little Trout River by ferry. You proceed to the Chiltern River and old Gabbie brings you across in his raft.

You return to Duffington Manor to find that it has been sacked and is now occupied by two dozen riff-raff squatters. Nostone’s sarcophagus has been smashed and Nostone himself has been dismembered. Greeves carries a tray bearing the only surviving remains of Nostone, a hand with its middle finger pointing up.

You fail to persuade the squatters to leave Duffington Manor, but you eventually cajole them into leaving by paying them gold pieces to purchase drinks at The Copper Codpiece. After the squatters depart for their drinking binge, you help the Hobgoblin refugees settle into Duffington Manor. They get busy with the work of fortifying the home’s defenses against the squatters’ return.

You spend the night at Duffington Manor without incident.

Mayantus 21, 1010 A.G.
Campaign Day 51

Hypatia feeds a magic weapon to The Creature of the Cone.

You proceed to the waterfall lair and meet a group of young adventurers. They have just concluded a battle, killing Tregulus and his gang. They carry the head of Tregulus on a pole. Hypatia casts the Speak with Dead scroll and asks the head two questions. The head of Tregulus reveals that Cookie’s daughter Yaeva is a slave to a Mind Flayer named Blackmourn who dwells in place called The Trollhaunt Warrens. The young adventure party also tells you that they spotted flying monkeys headed northeast yesterday.

The Kenku refugees decide to stay at the waterfall lair and settle there, at least temporarily while they adjust to their new lives in Ardwen.

You travel north along the banks of the Little Trout River, heading toward Silverdale. As you reach the village, you see that the people, mostly Halflings, are in a general commotion near the dwelling of Borrie Bilkins. You find that Borrie has been burned and decapitated by the Mungo. The pony Dandelion has been decapitated and its head is missing. Worse still, the Mungo were seen flying off with Borrie‘s two Halfing children, Beka and Boko Bilkins. You attempt to attach Borrie’s head to Dandelion’s body using the Raven Queen’s ruby red potion but your efforts to revive Borrie fail. Suspicious of your bizarre actions, the authorities in Silverdale politely ask you to leave town and you comply. You travel a few miles outside the village and camp for the night.

Mayantus 20, 1010 A.G.
Campaign Day 50

At dawn, another Kobold arrives, Idem (pronounced EYE-dem). He tells Ki’mat that he will relieve Ibid but Ki’mat informs Idem that Ibid is dead.

Traveling back toward Ardwen, you encounter a large clan of downtrodden Hobgoblin refugees camping near a stream. As you approach, you hear a gruff voice yell out, “All right ladies, let’s bring on the pain!”, as three marauding Ogre Cave Hunters and six Troll Runts rush toward the refugees. Ki’mat finishes off many of the Troll Runts using his fire and acid attacks. After the battle, the Hobgoblin refugees ask the party for refuge in Ardwen. Among them is a young hobgoblin named Jasper who is a childhood friend of Dog Boy.

The Hobgoblins tell of raids from Trollgard. Overlord Malevicious has annexed Hobgoblin Nation and claimed it as the first Imperial Province of Tr’ome. His first official act was to open it to rape, pillage and plunder by the Trolls and their allies, the Giants. Any Hobgoblin subjects in the province who do not submit to laws of Tr’ome are slaughtered or enslaved. The “laws” basically state that all Trolls and Giants are free to do whatever they want wherever they want to whomever they want unless Malevicious commands otherwise. These Hobgoblin refugees simply want to live peaceable lives, learn a trade, and support their families. Unlike most Hobgoblins, they are not militaristic. They’re aware that Evil creatures are not allowed to pass through The Wards, and though they struggle to control their nature which sometimes gets the best of them, they’d prefer to take their chances and pass through The Wards rather than subject themselves to Troll domination.

You return to Ardwen, arriving at the border near Tower Nine in the West Quadrant. Felgrim Cornerstone is working on The Wards. He is guarded by Ward Sergeant Krengo, a Dragonborn Soldier in black scale armor, and a contingent of five Ward Guards outfitted in Ardwenian livery. They look well trained and prepared to fight, though you notice that they are all a bit gaunt, even the Dwarf engineer and the Dragonborn Ward Sergeant.

Felgrim Cornerstone complains that there is too little residuum in the Rubricium cylinders. They need higher grade residuum or else several of The Wards will not survive through the year. Felgrim sharply chides you, If you want to be doin’ something useful for yer kingdom, delve deep into The Mines of Kog and find us some good supplies of Residuum, rather than goin’ off and slayin’ demented little Goblins in the Chaos Scar and prancin’ about in yer little clown costumes!"

Krengo is reluctant to allow the Hobgoblins to pass into Ardwen, but when Dog Boy asks him to allow it, Krengo bows his head and answers, ’As you wish, young sire. Though you will see that things have become more dire by the day in your grandfather’s Kingdom. This may not be the place of refuge that your brethren had hoped for." He describes food shortages among all except the Halflings, who seem to be as fat as they ever were, and are often seen contentedly nibbling on black truffles.

Krengo tells the party that the chief Hobgoblin slaver, Tregulus, and his Bugbear and Hobgoblin henchmen had raided many small villages throughout western Ardwen, pillaging and plundering at will. They also discovered a small Harefolk warren, capturing dozens of Harefolk. In one village, the Hobgoblins were overheard to boast that The Harefolk are to be sent by Tregulus to the Troll Overlord Malevicious as a coronation gift, and in return Tregulus expects to be appointed Imperial Governor of Hobgoblin Nation by Malevicious. About half of the Bugbears and Hobgoblins were sent back to Hobgoblin Nation with the first wagonload of Harefolk. Tregulus and a contingent of a dozen of his most loyal henchmen are still in Ardwen. They stayed behind because they were enjoying the pillage and plunder so much that, after one of the raids on a farming village, Tregulus was overheard to utter a vile laugh and say, Aye, ye loyal Slavers, let us stay in their land a while longer and remind these dolts and scallywags every day the pain they must be caused to suffer for killing our dear business associate, the hag Mother Gerd, and for interfering with our slave trade, attacking my Fortress Tower, and slaying my beloved Rogda!

Tregulus and his Hobgoblins are roaming Western Ardwen and hunting more Harefolk to eventually facilitate their escape. Krengo wants to personally hunt them down and slay them but he has been ordered to guard Felgrim Cornerstone while he works on maintaining The Wards which, according to the commands of The King’s Council, has higher priority. The King’s Council has not yet mounted a response to the Hobgoblin incursion in the West because they are dealing with food riots in the North and East, so the peoples of Underton and surrounding lands have been left to deal with the raids on their own, and being mostly farmers and lacking experience in such matters, they have not fared well thus far.

Linosa shows up, carrying a jug in one hand and a female Halfling slung over her shoulder with arrows sticking out at all angles. There are tears streaming down Linosa‘s face. She tells the party that she and Pixelator discovered the whereabouts of the Hobgoblin band – it’s the same lair under the waterfall that the Troglodyte and Hyenas had been hiding in. But Pixelator was spotted by Hobgoblin archer sentries and shot through like a pin cushion. Linosa retrieved her body but it was too late to save her life. Pixelator is dead.

Ward Sergeant Krengo wants to accompany you and return to the waterfall lair to battle Tregulus and his henchmen. Krengo promotes Linosa to Ward Sergeant so that she can relieve him of his current assignment.

The Kenku and Hobgoblin refugees bravely cross through The Wards. Two Kenku are obliterated by The Wards while eleven pass through without harm. For the Hobgoblins, twenty-five pass through safely while eight are destroyed by The Wards, including Dog Boy’s friend Jasper.

Felgrim and Ward Sergeant Krengo keeping looking up at the sky and watching the sun. They are waiting for high noon. Felgrim makes numerous adjustments on the Ward plinth. Krengo asks, “Do you think this will really work?” Felgrim replies, “If no harm has come to the dwarven Ward Engineers in the other three quadrants and they were able to complete their mission as I have mine, then yes, Sergeant, it will most certainly work!” Felgrim cranks his final adjustments in place just before noon. The Wards emit a soft blue glow. In addition to protecting Ardwen from Evil, they now have the capability to recharge themselves by sucking in the Residuum from any magic items that pass through them!

With Ward Sergeant Krengo joining you, you travel north to the waterfall lair at the source of the Little Trout River. Before reaching the lair, you camp for the night.

Mayantus 18-19, 1010 A.G.
Campaign Days 48 and 49

In the morning, Wolvar spots a crossbow bolt shot into a nearby tree. In coarsely worded Common, it reads,

Kalabaxus will hear of this. The tale of the wrath she deals upon you and the vile Witch you serve will live through the Ages, and I will relish in its telling! And by the way, we Bugbears love to eat Elf babies, though if we swallow too fast we sometimes choke a little bit on their bones! Hee, hee!

Hypatia returns from the cone. Adugrain tells her that she will be warned away from approaching a large corn field encompassed by a thick berm, but that she should go there, for there is knowledge to be discovered inside The Shadow Berm, and Hypatia will bring glory to Ioun by confronting its foes rather than skulking away. However, the party must not dwell there long; no more than two short rests should be taken while inside and all search times should be kept to a minimum.

A flock of Mungo return. The leader congratulates you on slaying Kasteria, young daughter of the Green Dragon, Kalabaxus. However, they are perturbed by the presence of the Dragonborn, Ki’mat, and his Kobold assistant, Ibid, in the party. They ask that you leave them treasure in exchange for forgetting to mention this transgression to The Old One.

You travel to the outskirts of Graak where you see a Kenku goat herder a few miles outside the city. He cautions you to avoid the city as it is not safe for outsiders. He tells you that these are violent times in Graak, even among the Kenku themselves, let alone strangers. “I tend to my goats. I sell my goat milk to a trader who sells it at the city market for triple the price he gives me. That’s fine with me. I stay out of the city and I stay out of trouble.” He tells you of the Temple of Pelor a few miles east of the city. “It’s in the direction of the rising sun, of course! I can take you there. I was bringing my goats in that direction anyway.” The cleric there is Moktok. "He will help you overcome your afflictions, though he will, of course, expect a generous contribution to Pelor’s coffers.”

You arrive at the Temple of Pelor, shaped like a giant onion dome. The top is covered in shiny gold leaf reflecting the suns rays and below are painted alien runic symbols around the perimeter in bright yellow on a deep blue background. Numerous open port holes penetrate the dome at seemingly random locations. At the base, about 60 feet in diameter, are two open-air portals, one on the east and one on the west. Moktok charges the standard 250 GP to cast Remove Affliction on each of the three PCs that need it. Rook, Wolvar, and Hypatial each stand in succession in the center of Temple and allow themselves to be scorched by the intensified rays of the Sun as Moktok removes their afflictions.

You spend the night at the temple peacefully. On the morning of the 19th, Moktok reveals that he is sheltering several Kenku refugees. He asks for you aid in helping them travel to a place of refuge they call The Circle Kingdom, which you instantly recognize as your native kingdom of Ardwen. In his gratitude, Moktok allows Ki’mat to make of copy of the Remove Affliction ritual using Ki’mat’s Amanuensis ritual.

You arrive at The Shadow Berm and enter it. You battle numerous Undead, including a talking Scarecrow that claims to have once served with the Empire of Nerath. He pleads with you to slay The Old One, stating that she is the witch that cursed all horses a century ago with the uncurable disease known as Brittle Bones which eventually lead to the decline and fall of Nerath. He tells you that by slaying The Old One the curse will be undone. Agapanthus kills the scarecrow with a single attack, slaying all seven of the Scarecrow Shamblers under its control. You find a suit of magic hide armor on the Scarecrow.

You encounter and defeat numerous zombies and rat-like wolves shambling around a smoking crater. You pass through a gully and are attacked by grasping hands reaching through the corn stalks. Wolvar is pushed into the gully and falls through a narrow crevasse and into a deep cave. You help Wolvar fight off four Corruption Corpses. You take a short rest then climb out of the gully.

You begin crossing an icy pond and are attacked by zombies, skeletons, and a wraith. Ibid is killed and Ki’mat is knocked unconscious but you eventually defeat the enemies after a vicious battle.

You search a rubbish pile and find a belt buckle and other minor treasure. You enter a patch of grasping grass, and gibbering heads on stakes begin their psychic attacks. Rook falls unconscious but is revived by Wolvar.

Meanwhile Krum, a Goliath Barbarian from the Rubric Hills in Ardwen, follows a vision of a badger spirit that leads him to the Shadow Berm. When he arrives, he sees Cookie, Dog Boy, and a cluster of Kenku threatened by a band of four Skeleton Troopers. The Hobgoblins and the Kenku ask for Krum’s help and he proceeds to single-handedly defeat the Skeleton Troopers.

You leave the Shadow Berm and re-unite with Cookie, Dog Boy, and the Kenku who have now been joined by Krum, who is an old acquaintance of Wolvar. An oversized black raven flutters overhead with a red velvet sachet in its talons. The enormous raven drops the sachet gently on the ground, then it perches on one of the corn stalks. The raven tells you that it is a messenger of the Raven Queen. The sachet contains rewards for you for ridding the world of so many Undead. It includes a beautiful silver box containing three Elixirs to right three wrongs.

The ruby red elixir is to be administered to Squire Borrie Bilkins, who honorably served his Prince and was cursed by The Old One of the Wood. After drinking the potion, Borrie will stop transforming into a straw doll, and he will gradually be restored to full health over the course of one year’s time. Also, a few drops of the same potion can be set aside and spared for the pony, Dandelion, which will cure it of Brittle Bones disease. This will bring great joy to the heart of the Halfling’s two children.

The milky pale green elixir is a re-animator potion brewed especially for the Ghoul, Nostone. When freed from his sarcophagus of embalming fluid, administer the potion immediately. As an animated Ghoul, he will faithfully serve the person who administers the potion as their personal guardian for a period of 90 days, after which time the curse of Undeath will be lifted. Should he die during his period of service, his Undeath curse will be lifted as he dies and he will be unbound from the Shadowfell and come to rest in peace in the Astral Sea.

The cobalt blue elixir is to be administered to the Mule with Violet Eyes and Silver Tail that endures a life of torment and hard labor in the land of Giants and Trolls.

Only after all three Elixirs have been administered to their rightful recipients may you assemble the three empty potion flasks to craft your fourth and final gift from the Raven Queen.

A final message from the Raven Queen, When the Deva arrives at her moment of crisis in the Chamber of Tomes, know that Nostone can be relied on. The raven then turns toward Cookie and asks, Is it safe? Before Cookie has a chance to answer, the raven flies off, leaving the entire area around you tinged with an invigorating frost that heals your wounds and brings you back to full health. You spend a peaceful night resting under the stars in the gentle glow of the raven’s refreshing frost.

Mayantus 17, 1010 A.G.
Campaign Day 47

You awaken to find two Mungo nearby. Greeting you, they carry a black curtain draped over a bee-hive shaped object. They lift the curtain to reveal a bird cage holding a Cockatrice. They instruct you to use the Cockatrice to defeat the Young Green Dragon of The Smoking Forest and its allies. The Mungo tell you that the Cockatrice will not attack you so long as you don the livery of The Old One. To satisfy The Old One’s wishes, you must continue wearing the uniforms for five weeks (30 days) after slaying the dragon, and you must announce to all you come in contact with that you slew the young daughter of the Elder Green Dragon, Kalabaxus, in the name of The Old One. If you comply with all these requests, the Mungo promise that you will be amply rewarded by The Old One.

Shortly after the Mungo leave your campsite, a red-scaled Dragonborn and a Kobold dash out of the forest, pursued by a gang of Kenku bandits. You aid the Dragonborn and Kobold and defeat the bandits. The Dragonborn Sorceror introduces himself as Ki’mat along with his loyal Kobold squire, Ibid.

Using the map that was sketched for you by Luthan, you find the path leading into The Smoking Forest. Wolvar finds a stone marker labeled To Prospect Hill and you realize that this leads to the location of the dragon’s fortress lair. You succeed in not succumbing to the noxious fumes of the poisoned forest and arrive safely at the gates of the old fortress on Prospect Hill. You spot a Dunn Grove outside the fortress walls.

You are immediately attacked by human crossbowmen, lackeys, and guards. Hypatia and Agapanthus succeed in destroying a powerful ballista before the crossbowmen can use it to do any serious damage to you. The Saprolings (sentient orchids) that have been traveling in your backpacks immediately begin tending to the Dunn Grove.

You enter the courtyard and peruse the barracks, spotting nothing of value. You enter the doors to inner keep and are confronted by four Bugbears and the Tiefling bandit leader, Chevkos. As the battle begins, Hypatia shrinks down to one inch tall and is drawn inside the black cone to speak with Adugrain.

The Young Green Dragon bursts out of the pit to defend its lair. The dragon questions Ki’mat, “Glittering Red Child of Tiamat, why do you stand beside the Old One’s hideous minions and attack your own kin?” You slay most of the combatants in a vicious battle, with Wolvar dealing the killing blow to the dragon while a single Bugbear escapes with its life. The dragon’s head is adorned with a platinum band that sparkles with embedded golden topazes, guarding against mental disruption. Ki’mat identifies it as a Circlet of Continuity and tells you that it will protect against dazing and stunning effects. Searching through Chevkos’s treasure room, you find a magical elven-styled Endless Quiver that can create an endless supply of normal arrows or bolts. You remove the dragons talons and head and then burn its body in a massive bonfire.

You leave the fortress and retrace your path westward. You are attacked by six Grigs (tiny flying sprites that appear half human and half cricket) and an Owl Bear. With the aid of spirits’ council, Wolvar lithely escapes the Owl Bears powerful grasp. After slaying one of the Grigs and the Owl Bear, the remaining five Grigs apologize for their attack and fly off. You tell the Grigs that you slew the young daughter of the Elder Green Dragon, Kalabaxus, in the name of The Old One.

You succeed in leaving the forest with no ill effects from the corrupted poisonous atmosphere. Wolvar mounts the dragon’s skull on a sign post at the forest’s western entrance. You set up camp for the night outside the forest’s edge. The night passes uneventfully.

Mayantus 15-16, 1010 A.G.
Campaign Days 45-46

After a quiet day of shopping and ritual study, you go to dinner at the Saruun Guildhouse, a mages guild. The master of the guildhouse is Citirian, who like the other guildhouse mages, wears a silver mask and long, sky blue robes. Citirian tells you that the guild is interested in all forms of arcane knowledge. Convincing Hypatia to let him ogle her Ritualist Ring a second time, Citirian tells you that he suspects the ring once belonged to the Deva Sorceror, Parathion, who is also known as the Sorceror of Altazar. In 899 A.G., the ring was stolen from Parathion by Rio the Rogue at the behest of his paramour, the Lady Gerd. Rio never returned from his quest, however. Filled with bitterness, the Lady Gerd left Altazar to spend her life working at an orphanage and studying alchemy in a small, far-away kingdom called Ardwen.

You spend a pleasant evening feasting and exchanging tales with the Saruun mages. You hear rumors of the new-formed alliance between Parathion and Malevicious. You learn that the reason that Parathion is paying homage to the Overlord of Trollgard is because Malevicious is the first known creature to attain his Epic Destiny, winning a bet with his long-time rival, Parathion. You also learn that The Old One is amassing an army of Orcs, Ogres, Giants, and sundry other creatures to slaughter any and all dragons and their kin found within a hundred miles of Notchwood. To further her goals, The Witch with Three Horns, like Parathion, has formed an alliance with Malevicious. You return to The Stumbling Giant Inn to rest, though your thoughts are troubled at the prospect of an alliance between three powerful enemies.

On the morning of Mayantus 16, you leave Restwell Keep and travel southeast to the western edge of The Smoking Forest. You rest the night uneventfully.


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