Aprantus 3, 1010 A.G.
Campaign Day 3

You travel east toward Braemore, taking ferries across the Little Trout and the Chiltern rivers. Before crossing the Chiltern, you trade insults with a group of militia practicing on a muddy training field. You learn from Gabbie, an old ferryman, that the woman you are seeking, The Toothless Tiefling, is a bag lady who peddles her trinkets and baubles and often leaves town for several days at a time. At the city gates the guard tells you that she was spotted leaving town a few days ago.

You arrive at the Copper Codpiece and have a hearty lunch. You proceed to register at the Ward Marshall’s office. Ward Marshall Huxor tries to enlist you into four months of Ward Duty but you decline the offer.

You return to the tavern for the evening. A large, well-dressed woman, Madame Duffington, arrives with her attendant, Greeves, and asks, “Are there any brave men or women here?” She offers 100 GP to anyone brave enough to clean out her basement and locate an item that is needed by her husband, Lord Duffington, who is away doing research. You agree to be at her mansion tomorrow at noon and negotiate a price of 150 GP for the job.

Aprantus 2, 1010 A.G.
Campaign Day 2

You travel south through the woods. Agapanthus spots a trap on the forest floor. Reversing your direction, you are confronted by a pair of centaurs who address Agapanthus, demanding that you leave their territory. With the centaurs’ permission, you continue south, arriving at Ardwen’s border as delineated by The Wards. White Crane toys with the warding power, setting the warded perimeter aglow as the party travels along it. You get the attention of a group of Tower Guards who seem befuddled that you are standing outside, instead of inside, the Wards. Failing to convince you that you should enter the Kingdom, the guards leave you and return to their tower.

A little red fox approaches you and says, “I tried to warn you that you weren’t ready, but you wouldn’t listen! Come back to Mother Gerd’s cottage and rest, dear ones!”

You travel further along the outside of the border, weighing whether it is safe for Dog Boy and Cookie to cross through the Wards. Dog Boy runs through the Wards and is unharmed, followed by Cookie, and the rest of the party. You travel east, entering into northern Ardwen. You come into lightly inhabited areas, until finally you see Lake Braemore in the distance further east.

Approaching the western shores of Lake Braemore, you confront a Half-Orc boy and a Tiefling girl taunting and bullying a small Halfling boy. The boy pleads for help, telling you that his sister is in danger on the lake. You attempt a rescue of his sister who is quickly sinking into a sandbar. You are attacked by four Jet Crabs. Agapanthus falls unconscious from wounds while White Crane succumbs to unconsciousness through poison. Hypatia and Ruby Blue manage to rescue the girl and their two comrades in the knick of time.

On the way to the halfling hamlet of Silverdale near the lake, you are confronted by the father and uncle of the Half-Orc boy and their three mangy dogs. You dispatch swiftly with all five.

The two halfing children, Beka and Boko Bilkins, lead you to the home of their father, Borrie Bilkins, who is slowly turning into a straw doll due to a powerful Fey magic which he says originated from a curse that was placed on him eight years ago. He refuses to discuss the source of the curse but White Crane forces him to reveal that it was placed on him by The Old One. You ask Borrie what he knows about Mother Gerd. He says that his memories are getting too fuzzy to remember much, but he recommends going to Braemore to find a woman known as The Toothless Tiefling who might be able to tell you something about her.

Cookie and White Crane retrieve some of the dead Jet Crabs and Cookie prepares crabcakes for dinner. They go shopping in the Silverdale farmer’s market and Cookie is surprised and delighted that there are truffles for sale. Borrie Bilkins gives you a Robe of Scintillation as reward for saving Beka’s life, but asks that you return it to Beka one day when she is old enough to use it herself.

You rest the night uneventfully.

Aprantus 1, 1010 A.G.
Campaign Day 1

Chained, shackled, starving, and drugged into a state of total amnesia, you manage to escape from the wreckage of a burning slave wagon, with the help of a nine- or ten-year-old hobgoblin boy, known as Dog Boy, who had been abused by the other Hobgoblin slavers. Through a crack in the walls of the wreckage, you witness the slaughter, by Troll warriors, of the other slaves and the remaining injured hobgoblins. You witness the capture of the hobgoblin leader and two of his underlings by the Troll warriors and their Wyvern accomplices, the creatures that apparently wrecked the slave wagon. The Troll Commander’s words to the captured Hobgoblin leader, Finneas Jack, leave you quaking in fear: So, the Mungo tell us that you tried to hide your captives from them to avoid paying the full tithe, eh? You filthy goblinoid swine, when will you ever learn – These lands belong to The Old One of the Wood! Betray her and you have sealed your doom! And beyond the realms of The Old One, I vow to you, this entire world will one day belong to Trolls!

The three captured hobgoblins are carried off in the claws of the wyvern into the northern sky and the trolls leave the area as twilight descends. Escaping from the burning wreckage, you proceed to rescue your possessions from the fire, as well as come to the aid of the injured hobgoblin cook, Cookie. You find yourselves in a lightly wooded area dotted with rocky ledges and a ravine. You watch a crude, obnoxious smelling creature, a Troglodyte, climb out of the ravine and run away. You realize that it, too, was held captive in the wagon with you until the wyvern attack set it free. A short time later, you are attacked by six of the surviving hobgoblins, one of them a sub-commander, and defeat them in a heated battle.

You make camp for the night and rest uneventfully.


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