Aprantus 1, 1010 A.G.
Campaign Day 1

Chained, shackled, starving, and drugged into a state of total amnesia, you manage to escape from the wreckage of a burning slave wagon, with the help of a nine- or ten-year-old hobgoblin boy, known as Dog Boy, who had been abused by the other Hobgoblin slavers. Through a crack in the walls of the wreckage, you witness the slaughter, by Troll warriors, of the other slaves and the remaining injured hobgoblins. You witness the capture of the hobgoblin leader and two of his underlings by the Troll warriors and their Wyvern accomplices, the creatures that apparently wrecked the slave wagon. The Troll Commander’s words to the captured Hobgoblin leader, Finneas Jack, leave you quaking in fear: So, the Mungo tell us that you tried to hide your captives from them to avoid paying the full tithe, eh? You filthy goblinoid swine, when will you ever learn – These lands belong to The Old One of the Wood! Betray her and you have sealed your doom! And beyond the realms of The Old One, I vow to you, this entire world will one day belong to Trolls!

The three captured hobgoblins are carried off in the claws of the wyvern into the northern sky and the trolls leave the area as twilight descends. Escaping from the burning wreckage, you proceed to rescue your possessions from the fire, as well as come to the aid of the injured hobgoblin cook, Cookie. You find yourselves in a lightly wooded area dotted with rocky ledges and a ravine. You watch a crude, obnoxious smelling creature, a Troglodyte, climb out of the ravine and run away. You realize that it, too, was held captive in the wagon with you until the wyvern attack set it free. A short time later, you are attacked by six of the surviving hobgoblins, one of them a sub-commander, and defeat them in a heated battle.

You make camp for the night and rest uneventfully.


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