Character Races

Inhabitants of all seventeen character races (as described in the Players Handbook, Players Handbook 2, and Players Handbook 3) dwell in Ardwen, though some races are more common than others. The breakdown is as follows:

CommonMore than 10% of the populationDwarf (12%), Halfling (25%), Half-Orc (15%), Human (20%)
Uncommon3% to 10% of the populationDragonborn (4%), Elf (6%), Half-Elf (4%), Tiefling (4%)
Rare1% to 3% of the populationEladrin (2%), Gnome (3%), Goliath (2%), Shifter (1%)
Very RareLess than 1% of the populationDeva, Githzerai, Minotaur, Shardmind, Wilden

Note: Character races native to the Dark Sun, Eberron, and Forgotten Realms campaign worlds are allowed in the campaign. The player should be aware that their character is non-native to the world of Arantus, and will need to devise an interesting explanation describing how and why they arrived there.

Characters are more likely to originate from certain areas in Ardwen based on their race. Typical locations of origin based on race are:

Character Races

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