A dwarf, known as the village idiot in Braemore. He is heavy-set with red cheeks, white whiskers, wears purple and pink garments embroidered with silver and with silver bells dangling from his sleeves. He composes nonsensical poems and tries to sell them.

On the day that Hypatia and the other party members mastered the first three chapters of the Tome of Power, Fiddleback read the following poem to the group that gathered in Duffington Manor:

The old Company is dead
Its last flame snuffed, now bow your head
A new Company shall arise this day
We walk in stride, and light their way!
For there's prizes to be taken and glory to be found
Cut free the chains, make fast your souls
We are again, Adventure bound!

He then closed with the following announcement:

Fiddleback: "Torchbearers! The Company of the Black Thorn is no more, 
             All hail The Company of the Black Wagon!"
ALL:        "All hail the Company of the Black Wagon!"


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