A Gnome scholar from Blithewood, and a close associate of Lord Duffington. In 974 A.G, he discovered and transcribed Avandra’s sacred Tomes detailing the Paths of Power.

His current whereabouts are unknown, though according to the tale told by Dureshar Greenleaf, he may have been taken to the Elemental Chaos while communicating with a powerful elemental creature.

A letter from Glyph to Lord Duffington was found in Madame Duffington’s basement:

Junantus 9, 974 A.G.

To My Dear Friend and Comrade, Lord Duffington,

It has been too long since those glorious days of our Wilderland adventures. In the years since our return to Ardwen, I finally succeeded in my quest to locate Avandra’s main temple. It was in the place we suspected it would be, but the entrance staircase was buried so deep under the peat bogs, I almost had to burrow my way in! Once inside the central hall, I found the vault containing the sacred Tomes. I took great care in handling the ancient books, for I was concerned that should they be removed from their sacred vault, they may crumble to dust and be lost forever!

I only had time to copy the first three chapters of Volume One before I was forced to leave the temple. It’s very unsafe in those catacombs and corridors – creatures of all sorts have infiltrated the Goddess’s ancient temple. I am sending you a spare copy of the first three chapters for safe-keeping and scholarly study. Some day we may yet understand what it means to walk Avandra’s Paths of Power – it does appear a very intriguing prospect, I’m sure you will agree once you have had a chance to read the chapters enclosed herein!

I wonder what your apprentices Ramardal and his daughter Alanada will make of it these writings. Being warlocks, they are both well schooled in the arcane arts. Alanada should be especially pleased to see these writings, as she is a disciple of Avandra, is she not? And Ramardal, an admirer of Ioun, should also enjoy this bounty of new knowledge.

I do intend to return to the temple one day and copy the remaining chapters (there are thirty chapters in all, ten per volume), but I will need several able comrades to assist me, for as I said, many dangers lurk in those dank, musty catacombs and halls.

Together always, steadfast and fearless, in Adventure and Knowledge!

Your fellow Torchbearer, Glyph


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