Paths of Power

The progression from Level 1 through Level 30 that an adventurer pursues through his or her chosen character class. Since every character class is based on a particular Power Source, adventurers in Arantus are said to walk one of the Paths of Power. (PH3, p. 215 lists six power sources: Arcane, Divine, Martial, Primal, Psionic, and Shadow.)

Adventurers are not universally honored and admired for their pursuit of Power. In many regions of the world, they are considered eccentric, self-absorbed, and perhaps a little mentally out of balance. It is not uncommon for player characters – upon being revealed as “adventurers” to the local townsfolk – to be shunned, scorned, ridiculed, or even kicked out of town by the local constabulary.

Just as importantly, many adventurers are not deserving of honor and admiration. Many are in it for the treasure, others for personal glory, and some walk the Paths of Power as a means to exert dominance over their fellow denizens. A very few adventurers, most notably a small group called the Torchbearers, see adventuring as the only glimmer of hope in a long, intense struggle against the dark forces who push inexorably into what remains of the Lighted Realms.

The Tomes of Power:
Volume 1: Heroic Journeys (Chapters 1-10), written in Common
Volume 2: Paragon Paths (Chapters 11-20), written in Primordial
Volume 3: Epic Destinies (Chapters 21-30), written in Supernal

In Ardwen, the original copies are in the Sunken Temple of Avandra, buried under the remnants of the Shademore Home for Children in the region known as The Bog.

Paths of Power

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