The Wards

A system of 360 stone obelisks, or Wards, each spaced exactly 1000 yards apart from the next, forming a complete circle approximately sixty-five miles in diameter. Each obelisk is twelve feet high and set on a broad stone plinth buried just under ground level. The Wards are powered by a magical red mineral, Rubricium, and must be re-charged annually with a fresh supply of the substance.

The entire kingdom of Ardwen is contained within the borders of The Wards. Followers of Erathis, the single most popular deity in Ardwen, state with pride that The Wards were an ancient gift from the goddess to her followers, so that civilization in Ardwen could be nurtured and protected. Followers of Ioun add with pride that although it was Erathis who gave the Wards to Ardwen, it was Ioun who provided the denizens of Ardwen with the knowledge to maintain them.

What really matters to most of Ardwen’s inhabitants is that monstrous creatures are often seen prowling just outside The Wards, but for some reason they are unable or unwilling to either fly over, pass through, or dig under the large circle that they circumscribe, thus affording Ardwen and its inhabitants a high degree of insulation from the dark and foreboding realms that lie outside their magical boundaries.


For purposes of maintenance, administration, and military leadership, the 360 Wards in Ardwen are organized as four quadrants, each containing 90 Wards. (You might think of this as a giant ‘X’ drawn through the middle of the kingdom, like a pizza pie divided into four wedges.) Each quadrant has a main tower commanded by a Ward Captain who reports directly to the Ward Marshall, together with eight smaller towers spread evenly along the periphery, about a mile inside the border. Each of the smaller towers is staffed by a handful of militiamen and workers (generally about six in total) commanded by a Ward Sergeant, while the main tower is staffed by the Ward Captain, a Ward Sergeant, and about two dozen guards and workers. Since there are a total of nine towers in each quadrant, each tower is responsible for guarding and maintaining ten Wards spanning a distance of 10,000 yards along the border (a little less than six miles).

The Wards

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