Junantus 18-20, 1010 A.G.

Campaign Days 78-80

You leave the Oracle of the Gate and begin traveling back to Ardwen.

Along the way, a party of golden-skinned Kobolds from Cantalore approaches and they engage in conversation with Ki’mat. The Kobolds are representatives of King Cantarell of Cantalore, the Gold Dragon King, who is summoning Ki’mat to advise and counsel him on the political situation in Ardwen. Cantarell is aware that The King’s Council in Ardwen has split into three factions, one of which has asked Cantarell to assume the throne of Ardwen. Knowing that Ki’mat is well versed in the current political situation in Ardwen, Cantarell wants to consult with him before making his decision.

Ki’mat tells you that he will leave the adventure party and return to Cantalore. He will advise King Cantarell not to assume the throne of Ardwen. As it turns out, Cantarell is a very ancient gold dragon well into the twilight years of his life. He is dying and he has no clear successor. For this reason, Ki’mat thinks that Cantarell should decline the offer and instead support the one faction that advocates for Ardwen‘s self-rule, the faction led by Ward Marshall Arbrand and Ward Marshall Huxor. Ki’mat departs with the gold-skinned Kobolds.

You travel two days to the Kog’s Bane Hills in northwest Ardwen. Arriving at the entrance to the Mines of Kog, you are attacked by a Dwarf Dark Arcanist and four Dwarf Bolters. They light off flares and are soon joined by three Orc Harriers and an Orc Troll Shaman mounted on a Snaketongue Wyvern. Fighting through a long battle, you overcome the enemies. Agapanthus mounts the Obsidian Steed and fells the last remaining foe, charging at the Orc Harrier while shooting his greatbow from horseback.

At Felgrim Cornerstone’s urging, you quickly gather parts from the junk heaps outside the mine shaft and assemble a mining cart with wheels. You mount the mining cart on the tracks and begin a wild ride through the mines. With Felgrim steering and the cart gathering inertia, you bowl over numerous evil dwarves along the route.

The cart enters a room with a circular section of track. An evil dwarf is whipping a badly injured mule with violet eyes. The mule defiantly looks back at the dwarf and speaks, Foul dwarf! Thou hast broken my body, but thou shall not break my spirit! Dog Boy screams Stop the cart! I recognize that voice! That is my father! Felgrim slams on the brakes, stopping the cart abruptly. The dwarf scampers off, while Hypatia tends to the injured mule. She administers the special potion that was given to you some time ago by a giant black raven, an emissary of the Raven Queen, who instructed you to use the potion on the mule with violet eyes who toils in the land of giants. After drinking the potion, the mule transforms into Prince Graid, son of King Gwenyk, father of Prince Galerant (Dog Boy).

Taking the unconscious prince with you in the cart, you resume you high-speed descent into the mines. The dwarves pursue in their own mining cart and a high-speed chase ensues.

Descending to the Underdark, the rail ends and you leave the cart behind. You reach a large three-way intersection in the tunnels. Felgrim Cornerstone informs you that the left fork leads to Trollgard, the right fork to Forgehome. His plan is to detonate explosives in the roof of the tunnel, collapsing the intersection and blocking access to invaders from Trollgard as well as to pursuers from The Mines of Kog. You boost Felgrim to the tunnel ceiling where he embeds numerous explosives that he has engineered for just this purpose.

Meanwhile, as the evil dwarves close their distance from behind you, a band of three Trolls and an Oni Mage approach from the left tunnel ahead of you. Mounted on pikes are the decapitated heads of King Gwenyk, Madame Duffington, Fiddleback, and The Toothless Tiefling. Two of the trolls carry a large banner that reads:

All obey Malevicious, Conqueror of Kings!

Felgrim lights the long wick to the explosives and you run with reckless abandon down the right tunnel. As the hoard of dwarves, the trolls, and the Oni Mage enter the intersection in pursuit, a massive explosion detonates, killing them all under the flames and rubble of the collapsed tunnel.



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