Known Rituals

RitualLevelComponent CostKey SkillKnown By
Amanuensis110 gpArcanaKi’mat
Arcane Lock425 gpArcanaHypatia
Dark Light430 gpArcanaKi’mat
Detect Secret Doors325 gpArcanaHypatia
Disenchant Magic Item625 gpArcanaKi’mat
Enchant Magic Item4specialArcanaHypatia
Eye of Alarm225 gpArcanaHypatia
Gentle Repose110 gpHeal (no check)Hypatia
Hand of Fate470 gp (0 gp once per day by Invoker)Religion (no check)Hypatia
Hunter’s Blessing550 gpArcana,Nature,ReligionKi’mat
Hunter’s Curse350 gpArcana,Nature,ReligionKi’mat
Leomund’s Secret Chest6140 gpArcanaKi’mat
Linked Portal8135 gp or 50 gpArcanaKi’mat
Magic Circle5100 gpArcanaHypatia
Make Whole120% of item or DM determined if no valueArcanaHypatia
Remove Affliction8250 gpHealKi’mat
Seek Rumor220 gpArcanaKi’mat
Secret Page110 gpArcanaHypatia
Sending650 gpArcanaHypatia
Silence130 gpArcana (no check)Hypatia
Tenser’s Floating Disk110 gpArcanaHypatia

Ritual Books in General Possession by the Company of the Black Wagon

Alanada’s Book of Rituals

  • Banish Vermin, Level 1, Nature, Dragon Mag 366
  • Dark Light, Level 4, Arcana, Forgotten Realms
  • Detect Secret Doors, Level 3, Arcana, PHB
  • Eye of Alarm (Plus a focus worth 100 GP), Level 2, Arcana, PHB

Hypatia’s Book of Rituals

  • Gentle Repose, Level 1, Arcana, PHB
  • Hand of Fate, Level 4, Arcana, PHB
  • Silence, Level 1, Arcana, PHB

Mother Denebola’s Book of Rituals

  • Animal Messenger, Level 1, Nature, PHB
  • Arcane Lock, Level 4, Arcana, PHB
  • Enchant Magic Item, Level 4, Arcana, PHB
  • Magic Circle, Level 5, Arcana, PHB
  • Make Whole, Level 1, Arcana, PHB
  • Secret Page, Level 1, Arcana, PHB
  • Sending, Level 6, Arcana, PHB
  • Tenser’s Floating Disk, Level 1, Arcana, PHB

Queen Valorianta’s Book of Rituals

  • Analyze Portal, Level 8, Forgotten Realms Players Guide
  • Fey Passage, Level 6, Manual of the Planes, Dungeon Magazine #162
  • Knock, Level 4, Arcana, PHB
  • Linked Portal, Level 8, PHB
  • Seal Portal, Level 8, Dungeon Magazine #160
  • Shadow Passage, Level 8, Manual of the Planes, Dungeon Magazine #163
  • Signal of Pursuit, Level 8, Dragon Magazine #366

Known Rituals

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