Kog's Bane Hills

Legend of the Mines of Kog

The Kog Clan was a small but powerful clan of dwarves who set themselves apart from the dwarves of The Rubric Hills. Their mines were smaller but about as productive as their eastern rivals. For many years the rivalry thrived but over time the Kog Clan dwarves could not produce as much Rubric Ore. They dug their mines deeper and deeper until one day they hit a mother lode, a rich vein the likes of which had never been seen before in Ardwen – not of Rubric Ore, but of Residuum!

With their great success, they became haughty and mean-spirited, thinking themselves superior to the eastern dwarves. They continued to dig deeper into their mines until at last they reached that forlorn place deep under the world known as The Underdark. They became corrupted by the terrors of the Underdark and their lust for more Residuum. They made alliances with some of the horrific creatures of that place and brought some of them to the surface with them, including the Vargouille. The Halfings who ruled Ardwen at the time decided that the Mines of Kog had to be shut down, and with the assistance of the Rubric Hills dwarves, forced the Clan of Kog to seal off the tunnels to the Underdark as well as the entrance to the mines in the Kogs Bane Hills. Some of the clan, including the chief Kog, decided that they would rather remain sealed inside the mines than have to relinquish them. The rest of the clan dwells in the Kogs Bane Hills to this day, though they are grumpy, mean-spirited recluses who do not welcome guests, so they have been left to themselves over the past century.

Visitors are not welcome in the Kogs Bane Hills, and the terrain itself is rough and dangerous – jagged hills with razor sharp ridges, narrow paths where rock slides are common occurrence, and rickety old trestle bridges spanning steep ravines.

Kog's Bane Hills

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